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24 May 2008

NHL: No Octopus Twirling

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2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs

NHL Bans Octopus Twirling

Terriffic AP Photo, April 2007

In an effort to keep a proper image of the NHL, the league has
placed a preemptive ban on the twirling of the octopus in the
Stanley Cup, and threatens Al (and anyone in Detroit) $10,000
fine if they do.

Tossing the octopus onto the ice dates back to Detroit’s 1952
Stanley Cup run, when the Cusimano brothers, owners of a local
fish market, tossed the first eight-legged pod onto the rink.
At that time, the cup required 8 victories to win, so the symbolism
seemed obvious…

The real tradition started in 1991, when Joe Louis Operations
Manager and Zamboni driver Al Sabotka got into the act, picking
up the the freezing blob on the ice and twirling it over his head as
he made his way off, whipping the crowd into a frenzy and hailing
globs of half-frozen octopus goo in every direction.

The act has been copied in other places, and in the NFL, but the
home of the twirling octopus is, and should be, Joe Louis Arena,
Stanley Cup or not.

Twirl on, Al. We’ll take up a collection.

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