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20 May 2008

NHL: Hockey Visionary

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2008

Fifty Bucks and a Dream

British Lord Stanley, Earl of Preston, and Governor of Canada had
an idea he pitched at a dinner of the Ottawa Amateur Athletic
Association in 1892. His pitch man was Lord Kilsoursie, a player
on the Ottawa Rebels Hockey Club.

“I have for some time been thinking that it would be a good thing
if there were a challenge cup which should be held from year to
year by the champion hockey team in the Dominion (of Canada).

“There does not appear to be any such outward sign of a
championship at present, and considering the general interest
which matches now elicit, and the importance of having the game
played fairly and under rules generally recognized, I am willing
to give a cup which shall be held from year to year by the
winning team.”

He bought the trophy for 10 guineas (about $50), and the rest is history.

Returning to England before the end of the 1893 season, Stanley
never actually attended a Stanley Cup game.

sources: HHOF, NHL.COM

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