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13 August 2007

Girls Hockey Boosters Meet

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The August meeting of the Mound High School girls hockey boosters will be held Monday, August 13, at 7:00pm at the Thaler Sports Center. The boosters normally meet the second Monday of each month at Thaler.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Time: 7:00pm
Where: Thaler Sports Center, Mound MN

2 Responses to “Girls Hockey Boosters Meet”

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    fan Says:

    thank you for removing some of the previous comments that were under the girls team. You know what they were. We learned of them last night, saw them and were disappointed in ALL the comments. This is not the place for editorialism or negative comments .

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    admin Says:

    All comments are left for others to read and respond as they see fit. The only comments removed were those that don’t pertain to hockey. The comments have rolled onto another page, as more items are posted. We will not stop posting to dwell on one item.

    MoundHockey was started to get current information out about the teams, in whatever format that might take. If people feel strongly about a topic, they are encouraged to make their voices heard.

    As another “FAN” who watches dozens of games each year, I am selfishly disappointed seeing great skaters leave this program year after year to play with other teams, or not play at all. While they have every right to maximize their potential and seek a better opportunity, I would like to see Mound’s program become that “better opportunity”, so their choice to STAY is a no-brainer. That goal is a TEAM EFFORT.

    Mound has one of the finest youth programs around.
    These kids play against AA schools in tournaments, and do very well. Against programs their own size, they rule.

    When Benilde won the State Championship in 2001, two Mound senior transfers were on that team. (Mound played in the tournament too, losing in the first round). Not taking anything away from players like (Captain) Troy Riddle, it didn’t hurt having two Mound kids on the roster.

    Since this year’s seniors were PeeWees (making it to the sectional finals three straight years, I believe), kids have gone to Benilde, Breck, Holy Family, Maple Grove, Orono, and Shattuck. I think the Mound boys were .500 last year.

    How cool would it be to hang a new State Tournament banner in Thaler Arena (one of the finest hockey facilities in the state)?

    If somebody needs to bark at the moon to get ANYBODY in the program thinking outside their current box, bark on. You can have full student participation AND a winning program. IT TAKES TEAMWORK.

    At, anybody with a keyboard and a point of view is on the team.


    “Confrontation means meeting the truth head-on”

    - Coach K



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