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2 March 2008

Website News: 2007 Stats

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Web Site Statistics

Banner Year

MoundHockey.Com had its best year ever.
Thanks for stopping by!

Most unique visits (one month) : 9,449
Most Hits (one month) : 78,854
Unique visitors (2007) : 29,983
Total Hits (2007 non-automated visits) : 623,021

Google Rank Still #1

15 September 2007

Website News: Who Are You?

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For the Record

What Is MoundHockey?

Every year about this time, I see angry emails from people
that can’t find something they are looking for — information
about youth hockey registration, email addresses for board
members, coaches, etc.

I even get emails from folks that think this is not the place
for an occasional opinion.

It might be helpful to set the record straight.

MoundHockey IS:

  • A place to promote the Mound Hockey, in all its forms
  • A place to find information about Boys Varsity Hockey
  • A place to find information about Girls Varsity Hockey
  • A place to find Open Skate times for Pond and Thaler
  • A place to promote the FUN of area hockey
  • A place to find weather info when you need to travel
  • A place to find maps when you need directions
  • A place to find scores, box scores, and news clips
  • Gopher Mens and Womens Coverage
  • Minnesota Wild Coverage
  • A place to share pictures and videos of interest to area
    hockey fans. (You are encouraged to submit both)

  • The place for an occasional opinion (and disagreement)

MoundHockey IS NOT:

  • The Youth Hockey Association Website
  • Associated with Mound High School

Every complaint and email is sent a reply, usually
with a smile. I understand their frustration. That’s why started in the first place.

But you can’t post what you don’t have…
If YOU pass it along, and it involves hockey, I will likely
get posted. That goes for the Association and the High
School too…

3 September 2007

Website News: Visitor Stats

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2007 Site Statistics

Visitor Statistics

2007 (Through August)

  • 20,644 unique visitors
  • 411,879 hits
  • 51,504 total visits

Record Month – March ’07

  • Visitors – 3,733
  • Hits – 78,742

Top 10 Visiting Countries

  • United States
  • European Union
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Russian Federation
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Netherlands

The rest: Malaysia, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain,
Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Norway,
France, Mexico, Lithuania, India, Kuwait, Ukraine, Togo,
VietNam, Columbia, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Saudi Arabia,
Latvia, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Bulgaria, Argentina,
Singapore, Luxembourg, Austria, Chile, Nigeria, Czech Republic,
Indonesia, UAE, Panama, Cameroon, Romania, Slovak Republic,
Venezuela, Portugal, Pakistan, Phillippines, El Salvador, Brunei,
Algeria, Belgium, Jordan, Denmark, Barbados, Slovenia,
New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Macedonia, Iran, Greece, Nicaragua,
Estonia, Bolivia, Yugoslavia, Qatar, Sudan, Macau, Nepal,
Egypt, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Kenya,
Papua New Guinea, Peru, Kyrgystan, Ireland, Bermuda,
Burkina Faso, Maldives, Moldova, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Azerbaidjan,
Ecuador, Cambodia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Bahamas,
Ethiopia, Oman, Senegal, Zimbabwe.

2 September 2007

Website News: Vote Now

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2007 Bloggers Choice Awards

Vote for MoundHockey in the Blogger’s Choice Awards

The Bloggers Choice Awards are awarded annually to blogs in a
variety of different categories. The winners will be announced
November 10 in Las Vegas, NV.

In the past, nominations have gone unnoticed until after the voting
was over. This year, we are doing things a bit differently. I thought
it would be fun to see how many people would actually vote, so I
nominated MoundHockey
early, so we have some time to get the
word out. So consider the word OUT. Vote!

MoundHockey meets the criteria for “Best Sports Blog” and
“Best Blog Design” for 2007. (Actually, the 2007 awards are
given to sites that were around in 2006).

This is where YOU come in.

Visit, sign up, and vote
for MoundHockey and your other favorite sites.

We consistently hit over 30,000 hits per month, and a high
of over 75,000 last season, so at least a handful of people
stop here from time to time. Vote. The puck stops here.

Website News: A Word about Comments

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Beating Back SPAM

Always In Moderation

You may notice that comments made to the website do
not appear immediately after you make them. All comments
are moderated prior to posting, in an effort to eliminate
the automated garbage that has nothing to do with hockey.

We tossed over 17,000 garbage posts since January.

So be patient… Your voice is important. You will be heard.

Thanks for stopping, reading, and commenting.

You are MoundHockey.

11 August 2007

Website News: Going Mobile

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Keep in Touch

MoundHockey goes Mobile

Who says you can’t take it with you? has added a phone-friendly way to keep
up on the latest news.

Nothing special to do — just visit from your
cell phone, Blackberry or PDA, and the site will do the rest.

A handy way to get scores, directions or find current road conditions
(when you’re not driving!)

9 August 2007

Website News: Summer Updates

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Preparations for 2007-2008

Under Construction

Work is underway to improve for the upcoming year.
Since May, we fended off over 15,000 garbage posts, and are working to
keep the site free of unwanted posts.

Not much news posted over the last month or so, but work is underway to
have everything ready to go in 2007-2008.

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