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2 April 2007

FUN: No Spirit at UND

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April Foolishness

The name comes from the ND license plate and the state logo..

1 April 2007

College Hockey: Sioux End Holdout

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College Athletics

Fighting Sioux End NCAA Holdout

Grand Forks, N.D.

In a bid that many are calling a final shameless attempt at this
year’s Hobey Baker award, University of North Dakota President
Dr. Charles Kupchella reportedly announced late Saturday
night that the university would change their nickname,
beginning in 2008, to comply with the NCAA policy about
hostile and offensive nicknames.

The university is changing their nickname to “The Spirit”.
Logos and tiles displayed in and around the university, and inside
the newly built Ralph Englestad arena will remain, protected
as state historical objects and free speech.

“We knew it was coming. We just didn’t know when”, said
one student. “All I want at this point is one last NCAA
title as a Fighting Sioux”.

Ryan Duncan, sophomore Hobey Baker candidate, was not
available for comment. NCAA President Myles Brand was not
available for comment.

The university also considered the Bismarcks and the Roughriders.

1 October 2006

Gopher Fan Support

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[PG] – What did they say? Now you know…

Start of the Game

Along with the band..
Gophers, Gophers, Go Big Gold!

Before the opening faceoff for the period, chant w/ the band..
Hey, Drop the Puck!

After the Puck is dropped…
(Goalie’s name)
(Goalie’s name)
(Goalie’s name) Sucks!

Sing to the tune of Camptown Races…

(Goalie’s name) is a great big sieve, DO Dah, DO Dah.
(Goalie’s name) is a great big sieve, he lets the puck go by.
He lets the puck go BY, he lets the puck go by.
(Goalie’s name) is a great big sieve, he lets the puck go by.
You Suck!……. ALL!!!! NIGHT!!!! LONG!!!!

Funnel Chant

Hey (Goalie’s name) you’re not a sieve, you’re a funnel.
Hey (Goalie’s name) you’re not a funnel, you’re a vacuum.
Hey (Goalie’s name) you’re not a vacuum, you’re a black hole.
Hey (Goalie’s name) you’re not a black hole, YOU JUST SUCK, YOU JUST SUCK..

When the goalie from the other team takes his helmet off

U-G-L-Y! You ain’t got no alibi, you Ugly! Hey, hey you ugly!
Y-L-G-U! Backwards you are ugly too! You ugly! Hey, hey you ugly!
M-A-M-A! How you think you got that way?! Your Mama (drawn out), is ugly!
B-A-B-Y! When they see you babies cry! You Ugly! Hey, hey you ugly!
F-A-C-E! The mirror is your enemy! You Ugly! Hey, hey you ugly!

With one minute three seconds left in the period…

-Hey (Announcer’s name), How much time’s left?
(Announcer’s Name) responds- ONE MINUTE LEFT IN THE PERIOD
-Thank You !


Band Member yells “Ricola”
Everyone responds with “Altoids”
Feed Dave adds “Tic Tac, Tic Tac, Tic Tac”

When the other team gets a penalty (wait for the band)

Whoo, whoo…whoo, whoo… whoo, whoo
You buddy, you’re outta here, ya hack, and you suck, you worthless piece of…. $h!t!!!!!

If the ref makes a bad call

Hey, ref, if you had one more eye, you’d be cyclops!

2nd bad call:
Hey ref, get off your knees, you’re blowing the game.

3rd bad call:
Hey ref, if you had one more sense, you’d be Helen Keller.

4th bad call:
Hey ref, you’d better take a pregnancy test, cause you just missed this period.

Before a faceoff mid-game
Face off, Face off, rip his face off

Reply: (different intonation)
Face off, Face off, rip his face off

The “Sex” Cheer
Band Member: Give me an “S”!
Reply: “S”!

Call: Give me an “E”!
Reply: “E”!

Call: Give me an “X”!
Reply: “X”!

Call: What’s that spell?!
Reply: “SEX”!

Call: What’s that mean?
Chant: Score, Score, Score, Score!

If fans leave early (real fans never leave early)
Beat the traffic (clap)
Beat the traffic (clap)


Tap the Keg!
Tap the Keg!

Kill, Maim, Pillage, Burn
After bad plays T2 (with lots of “Heys” and arm waiving)…
Kill, maim, pillage, burn.
Kill, maim, pillage, burn, eat babies.
(enter school animal or nickname here, i.e. badger) babies.

When penalties expire

When the Gophers kill a penalty…

Announcer says: “Gophers are at full strength!”
Fans Respond: “We Always were!”

When the opposition kills a penalty ( Wisconsin, for example)…

Announcer says: “Badgers are full strength.”
Fans Respond: “That’s Debatable!”

After offsetting penalties

Announcer says: “Both teams at full strength.”
Fans Respond: “That’s were!”

11 August 2006

Good Humor

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Funny Stories Found on ‘Net

Boston Bruins defenseman Bobby Orr was asked why he wore a protective cup and still played without a hockey helmet.

Orr replied: “I can always get someone else to do my thinking for me!”


Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry once recalled,

“When I was a kid, I used to pray to the Lord to make me a hockey player. I forgot to mention the NHL, and I spent 16 years in the minors”.


Major League pitcher Tom Glavine was asked once why he chose to play baseball rather than hockey. Glavine replied,

“I had all my own teeth, and I wanted to keep it that way”.


After winning the Stanley Cup several times, Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles. The Kings continued their losing ways. In one late-season game in San Jose, a fan held up a sign:

“All the Kings’ goalies and all the Kings’ men, couldn’t get Wayne to the playoffs again”.

8 August 2006

Who Needs a Miracle?

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Shots on Net

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Dean Smith, legendary UNC basketball coach said:

If you make every game a life and death proposition, you’re going to have problems. For one thing, you’ll be dead a lot.

A post from 2004 seems relevant again.

3 August 2006

A Lesson in Humility

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Shots on Net

The motto of the fox in the chicken coop is:
“One day chicken, one day feathers”.

It has also been said,
“Hard work beats talent, when talent stops working hard”

Even the game’s best players will tell you it’s true.

In June, Patrick Roy was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Not long after, SLAM Sports did an article recapping SI’s “Worst Moments Ever” in NHL history. Roy made the list at #6.

In the 2002 playoffs, Roy made a big save against Detroit’s Steve Yzerman and held up the puck to taunt the Red Wings’ center, only to drop the puck and have it bounce into the net. The Avs dropped the game and the series to the Wings, who went on to win the 2002 Stanley Cup.

I’ll bet the Hall-of-Famer would like to have that one back…

7 July 2006

Got Info?

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Reader Submissions

Submissions to the website are welcome.

You may send them to:

The goal of is to cover ALL hockey in the Mound-Westonka area. You can help! Send your pictures, your scores,your hockey related information, so we can share them with others! All submissions are moderated and may be refused.

Items to be included in the “Shots on Net” section are also welcome, subject to restriction. Letters should be limited to 400 words or fewer, a maximum of one each 30 days.

All letters may be edited for length, accuracy and clarity.


Profanity, offensive language, and “flaming” are never tolerated. Information included for verification purposes is not included unless otherwise requested.

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