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23 May 2014


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Good Humor


22 May 2014

In the Crowd

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How Do You Really Feel?


17 May 2008

Found on ‘net: Golden Rules for Hockey

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Found on ‘net

Russo’s Golden Rules

Let’s Play Hockey’s columnist John Russo’s Golden Rules
for forwards, defenseman, and goalies. Do thou likewise,
lest ye be smitten by hoards of goals and losses.

Possible items missing from his list:

  • Have fun.
  • Love the game with your whole heart.

10 March 2008

Found on ‘Net: Miracle on Ice

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U.S. Olympic Hockey History

Great Call

This alternate call of the “Miracle On Ice” game is teriffic.
While it does not include Al Michaels famous
“Do You Believe In Miracles?”, the game call is excellent,
and the crowd and announcer’s response to the action gives
you a rink-side seat to a slice of hockey history. — 10 minutes.

6 February 2008

College Hockey: Hakstol Suspended

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College Hockey

Hakstol Apologizes

At the end of Saturday night’s Gopher/UND series, a scuffle
broke out as the game ended. While officials sorted out
the mess, UND coach Dave Hakstol gave referee Don Adam
the finger during one argument. Hakstol has been suspended
two games for the action.

Hakstol’s apology:

[..snip from Grand Forks Herald, Feb 3rd..]

“I would like to sincerely apologize to our fans, players and
entire program, as well as all college hockey fans, the WCHA
and Don Adam, for my actions during the second period of
last night’s game versus the University of Minnesota,”
Hakstol said. “I’m disappointed in myself for allowing my
emotions and frustrations to get the better of me. I pride
myself in not allowing this type of thing to occur.

“Most importantly, I am a parent before I am a coach,
and I understand the responsibility that we carry as
coaches within the WCHA to young hockey fans and
families everywhere.

“I have evaluated and feel terrible about my actions
and can assure everyone that such a thing will never
happen again.”

[...end snip...]

28 August 2007

Girls Hockey: New Year, New School

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Late Summer Coaching Clinic

Have We Started Again?

Another summer has come and gone, and so have another
pair of talented skaters. Another two varsity girls started
the school year at another school yesterday.

It is really sad to lose a career 100-point scorer before her
senior year.


“He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.”
Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins


A little respect goes a long way…

5 May 2007

Ads: Sidney Crosby’s Prom

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Hockey and Life

No screaming parents or coaches here…

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The successful coach can picture the finished product.
- Vince Lombardi

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