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16 April 2007

State of Hockey: Don Lucia

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Don Lucia talks about the state of hockey.
(Recorded November 2006)

9 June 2006

How Do I?

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Tips for New Skaters

Hockey Help on eHow

How do I …? Start your search for answers at eHow.

3 January 2006

STOP – Safety Towards Other Players

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As you may know, MAHA requires “STOP” patches on the back of all
Safety Towards Other Players (STOP) is intended to raise awareness
of the dangers of checking from behind in the game of hockey.

The S.T.O.P. program was developed in 1996 by Mr. Kevin Stubbington,
Director of Referees for the Windsor (Canada) Minor Hockey Association.

Today, over 265,000 patches have been distributed throughout
North America and Canada.

The program sends a message to all players that the dangerous act
of checking-from-behind is not accepted in the game of hockey. The
program also promotes the overall values of Safety and Fair Play.

1 January 2006

Just for Fun “Official” Gamesheet and Instructions

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Find a blank scoresheet here


1.) Team scoring summary by period across the top.

2.) Team rosters come next. It is helpful for announcers to list goalie and captains first. It is also helpful to circle the numbers of the starters.

3.) Mark shots on goal with a slash ‘/’. Circle ‘O’ shots that result in goals.

4.) Scoring and Penalty Summary

PD – period of play.

PP/SH – mark for power-play or short-handed goals

TIME – time of goal or infraction

GOAL – scorer

ASST1, ASST2 – first and second assists

HOME/AWAY – check team incurring penalty

START – time penalty begins

END – time penalty ends

Some scorers count up from 0:00. Others use the time as it is on the scoreboard. Either is fine, as long as you know what it means, and stay consistent.

Too much detail? Find a game summary sheet here.

The Right Stuff / How to Dress

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Youth Hockey equipment/
Recommended order of dressing:

1. Protective Cup / Pelvic Protector
2. Shin Pads & Socks
3. Breezers
4. Elbow Pads
5. Shoulder Pads
6. Jersey
7. Skates
8. Helmet (w/full protective face cover, HECC approved)
9. Mouth Guard
10. Neck Guard
11. Gloves
12. Stick



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